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Float Massage

Une création Thomas Bellis

Discover the world's first floating massage, created in February 2022 by Thomas Bellis at the Ma Bulle En Santé spa in Toulouse. This innovative treatment combines the benefits of massage therapy with the weightless relaxation of a floating salt bath.

Float massage, a unique experience.

During this unique experience, I join you in the Epsom salt floatation bath.

As you float effortlessly, I guide your body through gentle undulations, muscle kneading and pre-stretching techniques. This combination of floating and massage creates a truly immersive relaxation experience.

femme développant sa concentration dans un bain de sel epsum après un massage en flottaiso

Total disconnection from the mind

Experience a deep state of relaxation as your mind detaches itself from the stresses of everyday life.
The combination of floating and massage promotes a meditative state.
You achieve a feeling of weightlessness that allows your mind to relax.

Re-aligning the body

The buoyancy of the Epsom salt bath naturally helps to align the spine.

The gentle manipulations performed during the massage reinforce this alignment process.

The floating massage reduces pressure on the joints and improves overall posture.


Release of deep muscle tension

The warmth of the bath and the high concentration of Epsom salt help to relax the muscles.
Targeted massage techniques tackle deep-seated tensions.
To relieve tension and chronic muscle pain

Gentle stretching

Stretching relaxes tense muscles and knots.
The absence of weight allows chronically tense areas to be stretched more gently and effectively.
Muscle stiffness is reduced after the float massage.


Better blood circulation

The combination of hot water and massage stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.
Improved circulation can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Greater body awareness

The unique float environment enhances proprioception (awareness of body position).
Stretching in the water allows you to concentrate more on movements and subtle muscular sensations.

absorbtion du sel Epsum dans un bain eau chaude.jpg

Magnesium absorption

Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) is absorbed by the skin during the floatation treatment.
Magnesium is known to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality and support muscle function.

The benefits of sensory insulation

The float environment minimises sensory stimulation, allowing deep relaxation.
This leads to improved concentration, creativity and mental clarity after the float treatment.

homme développant sa concentration dans un bain de sel epsum après un massage en flottaiso

Important information

  • Do not have had your hair coloured recently to avoid dispersing it in the water.

  • Don't have any cuts on your body to avoid salt burns.

  • Bring a swimming costume and towel.

  • Don't be late for your appointment as I have to book the float bubble at a specific time.

  • The massage lasts 1 hour. There is 15 minutes beforehand to shower and 15 minutes afterwards to rinse off the salt.

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