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overcoming fears
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Massage workshop

In pairs or groups of 4,
receive professional massage instruction.

Ancre 2

why i teach

I realised that the relationship with touch is becoming problematic, especially since the obligation to use barrier gestures.

This is a paradox when we are talking about reconnecting to natural needs, to these simple, true and sincere gestures.

I wanted to create this massage workshop in order to pass on all the discoveries I have made while massaging over the last ten years.


Learn massage...

an encounter with your touch connect to your soul.


How does a workshop work?

At the beginning of the course we take 5 minutes for a breathing exercise. The aim will be to unblock the belly and the rib cage, to make a break with your day.
Quick and very effective.

A course contains several lessons, one lesson per movement or massage concept.
After a demonstration, you practice on your partner for 10 minutes before moving on to the next lesson. I correct your movements at the beginning and let you experiment afterwards.

Because it is as important to receive the movements as it is to enjoy yourself.
Once you have learned all the lessons in the course, you change roles with your partner.

durée d'un atelier 2h30

my motivation will be...

the only limit to your progress

A progression in 7 steps


The workshops are organised around 7 stages of progression. Representing the 7 chakras, each step deals with an aspect of massage. You will begin with the root chakra, grounding, learning proper positioning and the use of gravity.

Several workshops are necessary to understand each Chakra, the number varies depending on your involvement and training outside of the workshops.


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