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Cours de pilates avec un massage adapté à la séance.


Pilates allows us to re-educate the body so that each of our daily movements becomes more fluid.

I have therefore chosen this fluidity in my classes by adapting each exercise to your vision of the body.

So that you can discover a new awareness of each of your joints, your muscles and your breathing.





My experience

I discovered pilates in 2018 at the Art Indigo teachers' class. From the very first class I realised that I needed to fully embrace this art, partly to improve my massage, but more importantly for what one of my fellow masseurs called "movement ecology".  I was lucky enough to be able to take this course, normally reserved for the teacher, twice a week. Then in September 2019 I continued the learning process with the international teacher training.

For professionnal athlete

I propose an approach centred on the lines of the body and the amplitude of the movements. Together we will take up the gestures of your sporting activity by making them more fluid, more efficient and more precise.

I combine my knowledge of massage with visualisation exercises and support on specific muscle points. These new sensations give you a finer, more energy-efficient control of each gesture.


Massage physio

I give a physio massage specially adapted to the pilates session. This prevents aches and pains and drains toxins immediately.

The muscles are warmed up by the exercises and remember the massage movements better. You leave the pilates class feeling light as a feather.

Photos de Lionel Pesqué


Pilates symbology

To familiarise you with the names of the postures, I have created a library of symbols representing the 68 traditional Pilates postures.

At the end of each session you will receive the programme in symbol form.

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