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The Art of massage in the spotlight

Immerse yourself in an artistic project combining the aesthetics of Johannes Vermeer, the art of massage and the magic of natural light. Explore a world where the harmony between light, touch and beauty is revealed in every moment captured by the lens, offering an immersion into a world of emotion and timeless grace.



We invite you to take part in a unique artistic experience, combining the aesthetics of Johannes Vermeer with the soothing context of massage. By posing for this series of art photographs, you'll be the embodiment of serenity and fulfilment.

You'll be at the heart of a meeting between photography, painting and the art of massage. Where light becomes the vector of emotion, and every moment captured will be imbued with poetry and truth.

We invite you to join this artistic adventure, where you will be the performers of a visual and emotional symphony, guided by the vision of a photographer intent on capturing the depth of the moment, in the gestures of an art form.



Each shot will be a work of art in itself, with light playing an essential role in magnifying the emotion and grace that emanate from the scene.


The artistic team


Pauline Cauhepe


As a self-taught professional photographer, what I love most about my job is meeting people. Whether it's digital or film, my camera never leaves my side.

More than a passion, photography has acted as a form of therapy, a kind of bubble into which I immerse myself and where I never see the time go by. This art is my means of expression, a way of telling stories, your story and writing my own.

I love the idea of personalised photo sessions, building a project together to produce portraits that will stand the test of time...

Based in Toulouse, I can accompany you anywhere in France and elsewhere if life takes me there.

Capture your moments of happiness and passion with spontaneity and naturalness, and immortalise these precious moments in unique photographs.


Thomas Bellis

Well-being Masseur

I approach massage as a tactile language. Because it is the oldest of life's senses, touch goes beyond words to reach our deepest awareness of being.

These sensations remind us that we can feel good in our bodies.

Since 2010, I've been working on developing and adapting each movement so that it provides relaxation, realigns your energies and restores your vitality.

This project is an opportunity for me to present my work as an ancient craft.


If you would like to contribute to this artistic experience and take part in the creation of authentic works of art, we would be honoured to count you among our models.

For more information and to register, please contact us.

06 64 80 52 21

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