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Ugo, my new masseur padawan

Updated: May 4

I've always dreamed of passing on my years of massage research. After several unsuccessful attempts, here it is! At last! My padawan.

Ugo Boggio et Thomas Bellis , les deux masseurs du meilleur salon de massage à Toulouse

Cloudy night, lonesome, throbbing gait, I found Ugo in a dark, well-known tavern in Toulouse. With his streamlined Corto Maltese silhouette, a harbinger of a mysterious character, Ugo is an adventurer.

A salsa dancer and percussionist, he's one of those people who can die young without regret, because they've already lived. In the course of our discussions, I discover common roots, a blackfoot family, a taste for travel and adventure.

From now on, Ugo can massage you solo or for our massage duo. Although his signature massage is unique to my institute, his touch differs from mine, with a sequenced but slow rhythmic tempo, and tonic pressure that's always conscious, for guaranteed muscular introspection.

Mark your calendars! For your appointments! It's an honor for me to announce the expansion of the institute and introduce you to my new masseur.

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