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Prerequisite: getting a teleworker

One good thing that the pandemic has done is to shake up managerial habits. Bosses had to accept to trust their employees and, surprise, everyone was happy. Some saved office space, others got what they had been asking for since the advent of the "Holy Internet" through the voice of its prophet Mark Zuckerberg through our "google is your friend" oracle. Deo gratias.

Organise your itinerary

Why not visit your loved ones, spend the afternoon or a few days with them and let them know that you will also be working. Find a seaside to recharge with trace elements or a mountain lake to fill up on minerals.

And that old friend who misses seeing you since you were transferred to the other side of the world. By alternating visits to museums and other places of interest, pilates sessions and stories with friends, you will finally be ready for the final stage.

A way of life, a philosophy

Be careful not to confuse work with vatrails. This is the trap to avoid. Vatrails are when you go on holiday. But your journey turns into a series of tasks that are beyond your control. So of course, giving a hand to those who welcome you will always be part of the savoir vivre. And then it's an opportunity to learn. Building a dry stone wall. Repainting shutters, relieving your cousin who is overwhelmed by her flock of children. It's up to you to balance the moments of effort and the moments of idleness. For the hyperactive, knowing how to relax in a hammock with a good book can become a real test of patience. But it is a healthy discipline. Hyperactivity often reveals a profound lack of introspection and letting go. Confusing being with doing, and feeling guilty about idleness will not make you better.


Take advantage of your holiday to discover the benefits of contemplation. Just lie down under a tree, observe each branch, each leaf, as if it were a huge city full of life. Imagine yourself as a tiny inhabitant. In which neighbourhood you would like to live in this tree. Or as a traveller. Which fork in the road you would take to reach this leafy area.

The purpose of contemplation (if you absolutely need a purpose as a motivation) is to bring you closer to the present time. And yes, always and again this present time that we want to escape.

To let your imagination escape under a tree may seem contradictory to this notion of present reality. However, it remains a simple meditative state. Comparable to the hypnotic effect of undulating flames. Your whole being pauses. You contemplate without thinking. Time expands, no longer exists.

The hustle and bustle of the modern world sometimes cuts us off from these moments when nothing happens. From this feeling of being out of time. Contemplation will help you understand that inaction and action are two sides of the same coin.

End the cycle with a massage

You would come and tell me about all your adventures, and I would say to you with an expert and approving eye: "congratulations for your first work". And like those great explorers who are tired but happy after their long journey, you will have earned the rest of the warrior with a good massage. You will then be fulfilled, accomplished and ready for new adventures again.

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