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Thomas Bellis

Masseur and Pilates Instructor


My name is Thomas, I am a masseur and pilates teacher since 2010.
At the beginning of the session, I always take the time to get to know you.
The massage must be an exchange and a relationship of trust.

My motto is to listen to your sensations in order to continually adapt the pressure and speed of my movements.

I will invite you to let go of your unconscious blockages. Through my hands, I will develop the listening of your senses.

"(...) I discovered massage among friends. Like many of us, people around me encouraged me to take up the profession. But what really revealed this vocation were the daily massage sessions provided to my wife during her pregnancies."


Cabinet Alsace

Situé au 32 rue Alsace Lorraine, à la sortie du métro Capitol.

C'est un petit centre médical composé de :

  • une orthophoniste

  • un ostéopathe

  • trois psychologue

  • et deux infirmières libérales

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