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Float Massage: My innovation for your well-being

I created a unique relaxation experience in February 2022: the floating massage.

After many hours of training to perfect this massage, I can finally introduce it to you.

Imagine floating effortlessly in a bath of Epsom salt, your tensions dissipating as my expert hands guide you into a state of absolute relaxation.

Woman receiving a floating massage

In this aquatic cocoon, I join you to orchestrate a symphony of therapeutic movements. From gentle undulations to targeted stretching and delicate muscle kneading, each of my movements is designed to free your body and mind.

The benefits of the immersion I've developed are many and profound.

Natural buoyancy aligns your spine, relieving joint pressure and improving your posture. Even the most stubborn muscular tensions give way to the combination of heat, Epsom salt and my expert manipulations.

My floating massage goes beyond the physical. It offers an interlude of absolute calm, freeing the mind from everyday stress. Sensory deprivation encourages a meditative state, stimulating creativity and mental clarity. What's more, the absorption of magnesium through the skin helps to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

My clients experience improved circulation, reduced inflammation and heightened body awareness. Each session I offer is a personalised exploration of your well-being, which I tailor to your specific needs.

To make the most of this one-hour experience (allow 1h30 in total), I recommend a few precautions: avoid recent hair colouring and open cuts. Bring a swimming costume and a towel.

The floating massage I offer is more than just a treatment, it's a journey towards overall well-being, a rebirth in salt water. I invite you to immerse yourself in this unique experience I've created and discover a new dimension of relaxation and harmony between body and mind.

Angélique, Florence, Lilou, Alessandra, Dowan, Taïs, Ruicen, Léna, Julie, Fanny, Laurence, Carole, Nathalie, Ludivine, Lionel, Cécile, Claire, Patrice, Tessa, Tatiana, Philippe, Séverine, Elena, Delphine, Sophie.

A huge thank you to Marie Isnard, creator of the Ma Bulle En Santé center, for her generosity in enabling me to create this unique treatment.

Thomas Bellis

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