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Why get a massage from a man?

Updated: May 4

For some people, being massaged by a man may be more emotionally comfortable, due to their personal preferences or life experience.

More power in support and touch.

Some men have superior physical strength, which can be beneficial for deeper or more forceful massages, especially for those with tense muscles or high levels of tension.

Men who choose to be massaged by a man do so for this main reason. Disappointed with massages in beauty salons, which are more like oil slathering, they generally choose a male masseur for sports massages.

Un masseur homme réalisant un massage sur une femme à Toulouse

Precision in the deep touch.

My clients' testimonials all point to the same thing. By having extra strength available, the male masseur can better control the precision of his strokes during a deep massage. And this without diminishing his sensitivity during softer touches. The women who tell me they prefer a male masseur also mention the same criteria for choosing a male gynaecologist. More gentleness, thoughtfulness and attentiveness.

A synergy of masculine and feminine

There's also this masculine-feminine synergy that can be evoked. It's difficult to explain, but I think that the complementarity between these two energies promotes harmonisation and relaxation.

Some of my clients have told me about a process of reconciliation with the touch of a man through my massages. After emotional wounds, feeling totally enveloped and pampered by a reassuring masculine touch makes them want to meet this energy again.

Manœuvre enveloppement d'épaule par un masseur homme sur Toulouse

Don't confuse gender with quality

However, it is important to stress that the gender of the masseur or masseuse does not guarantee the quality of the massage. What matters most is the practitioner's skill, experience and ability to respond to the client's individual needs and preferences.

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